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US authorities will pay to American Indian tribes billion dollars

The government of the USA will pay to American Indian tribes more than 1 billion dollars as indemnification for using the natural resources extracted in their territory.

The collective claim was submitted by representatives 41 tribes living in territory of states of Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, transfers on Thursday, on April, 12th, Associated Press.

Indians demanded to return money which the American government has run into debt for oil recovery, gas and wood and a cattle pasture in their territory.

As the general public prosecutor of the USA Eric Holder has declared, the decision on indemnification payment will resolve the historical conflict because of management of natural resources in territory of tribes.

The representative of Indians of Gary Hejs has noticed that payments will allow to compensate a financing lack, with which tribes had to face throughout many years. As he said, the received means will be directed on modernization of system of public health services, strengthening of public safety and infrastructure development.

“Grains which we will plant today, will bear fruit in the future, for the good of the future generations”, – has declared Hejs.

Let’s remind, in 2010 the Senate of the USA has approved allocation 4,6 млрд dollars to the American Indian farmers which earths were used for mining operations. Besides US authorities have officially apologized before aboriginals of the North America for the unreasoned policy, violence, robberies and infringements of agreements.