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The Advantages of Internet Acquaintances

Internet has changed our life and our habits. A lot of smart, decent and interesting but lonely people prefer to have communication and start acquaintances in the Internet. So what are the advantages of Internet acquaintances compared with acquaintances in real life? Let’s view a few of them.

The main plus of meeting people in the Internet is anonymity. Dating sites like offer a wide range of candidates, and the choice of people with whom you would like to communicate depends only on you. There’s no need unbosoming yourself of all your personal secrets during the first hours of acquaintance. You can share your intimate information with a person when you can trust them totally.

Without any doubt it’s much easier to write a letter to an unknown person than to approach a stranger with a suggestion to get acquainted closer in real life. For girls and women such way of meeting people isn’t suitable at all, and males resort to it extremely rarely. Internet acquaintances equally allow men and women to be the first when making a suggestion to get acquainted.
If the communication you’ve started acquires a direction undesirable for you or if it turns out that the interlocutor doesn’t meet your expectations, an acquaintance can be stopped any minute without any consequences for you. That’s why security is one of typical qualities of Internet acquaintances.

However, if a lucky acquaintance sprang up, then as a result of correspondence both sides get an idea about their future partner’s inner world, tastes, interests, habits, and views.

The distinguishing feature of Internet acquaintances is openness that allows getting to know the other person deeper, as there are some inner thoughts and ideas that you would probably never share in real life, but you do with your Internet interlocutor.

You have a wonderful opportunity to go on with a thoughtful and deliberate communication without a fear of putting your foot in it because of a hasty answer or an impulsive word.

When corresponding, you acquire valuable communicative skills. Feelings and emotions flow out into the shape of words. Believe me, this experience will serve a priceless service to your further communication. And a happy heart can compose songs out of elation felt when meeting with your special someone.

The anticipation of meeting with a cute and appealing person for you is wrapped into mystery. With every minute of expectation the meeting will be outlined as more desirable and attractive. True happiness will fill your soul if the image drawn by your imagination matches the real one. But if this doesn’t happen, don’t despair, as you have acquired a new friend and a great interlocutor. In life everything happens the other way round. The first thing that attracts in real life is bright appearance but a closer acquaintance, as a rule, shows that the inner world, interests and views of the person you’ve liked first are absolutely indifferent to you.

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How I Met My Soulmate

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There was something captivating in Irina’s eyes the first time I saw her pictures and sent her a message… This was the beginning of our special romance which only grew deeper with every new day. We started exchanging messages through the site, met in videochats and, to my surprise, I felt as if some unknown power was pulling us towards each other. I remember all the sweet messages we exchanged and the minutes of elation when communicating with video. With a sinking heart I was waiting for the moment when I can require Irina’s contact details and start arranging our first romantic meeting in her city.

I’m a very busy person, so for me the best way was to use the service “Romance Tour” from and you know, I never regretted. I didn’t need to do practically any work to organize my trip. I simply plunged into the ocean of romance with my special lady. took care of everything: airport transfer, booking an apartment, personal driver, interpreter, our leisure time, daily meals, etc. My girlfriend and I were very happy as the organizational work was at the highest level. We have really fallen in love with each other. Now Irina is visiting me here, in my house.  And, to be open, we are making plans for our wedding and future life together!