The American, the offered kidney to the chief, discharged from office

In New York the woman who has given to the chief a kidney for change, was soon dismissed.

As Reuters reports, 47-year-old Deborah Stevens, the former employee of the Atlantic Automotive Group company, at the end of 2010 according to the arrangement with the chief Jackie Brasiya offered it a kidney which change that needed.

After operation, however, at Stevens there were complications because of what it often remained on the sick-list, and quality of its work, according to firm administration, worsened. On April 11 this year Stevens it was dismissed.

“The first my thought was: if you so hate me, so despise, return my kidney. Give my kidney back”, – Deborah speaks.

To return a kidney of the victim it will not be possible. It didn’t approach Jackie Brasiya, and doctors made an exchange. Suitable to the chief took from bank of bodies where Deborah’s kidney in exchange went. It already transplanted to the patient from Saint Louis.

The chief feels well. And even Stevens that saved it life thanks. “I will be always very grateful to it that it gave me the kidney. I can not tell about it anything bad. She made a fine act. And I wish it all the best”, – Jackie Brasiya speaks.

Now Stevens has legal proceedings with the company, accusing her of discrimination. The firm, in turn, declares that the former employee uses the noble act for maintenance of unreasonable claims.

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